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The Bicultural Podcast

Janina Neumann

The Bicultural Podcast celebrates cross-cultural identity and gives insight into cultural differences to help you improve business relationships. The Bicultural Podcast is published biweekly and is hosted by Janina Neumann, a bilingual creative, social entrepreneur, and business owner of Janina Neumann Design. Read the podcast transcripts here:
"It makes me question things that probably would’ve been a norm to me” | Interview with Jo BloxhamNovember 29, 2021 Episode artwork "Nuances can get lost when you read a translated version of the same book" | Interview with Yi Hua LaiNovember 15, 2021 Episode artwork "It’s all about celebrating cultures and people’s heritage" | Interview with Atlyn FordeNovember 01, 2021 Episode artwork "Merge different disciplines to make social impact happen" | Interview with Servane MouazanOctober 18, 2021 Episode artwork "It’s the intention behind the use of the language" | Interview with Nicole HynekAugust 02, 2021 Episode artwork "Being aware of what that person thinks is respectful or not" | Interview with Leonardo GilJuly 19, 2021 Episode artwork "My ability to feel at home wherever I choose" | Interview with Gamu MatariraJuly 05, 2021 Episode artwork "That flow of different cultures started going into Russia" | Interview with Natalia KarlinaJune 21, 2021 Episode artwork The Bicultural Podcast Meet Up | 15th July 2021June 07, 2021 Episode artwork "It’s looking at all these little cultural references" | Interview with Clémentine TerrellJune 07, 2021 Episode artwork "Even every region has its unique characteristics and cultural differences" | Interview with Guy KobaniMay 24, 2021 Episode artwork "We are all citizens of this globe, we are also very different" | Interview with Sari VanskaMay 10, 2021 Episode artwork "It was always the community spirit that was the heart of everything" | Interview with Chris RobertsApril 26, 2021 Episode artwork "The integration was perfect because we were both open to the other culture" | Interview with Chiara SorrentiApril 12, 2021 Episode artwork "It's kind of a falsehood to say that we are completely different" | Interview with Paul WilsonMarch 29, 2021 Episode artwork "It was always my dream to somehow bring languages into my job" | Interview with Kirsty MajorMarch 15, 2021 Episode artwork "Every culture has got a lot that they can teach" | Interview with Luke TownsendMarch 01, 2021 Episode artwork "Share the responsibility of effective communication" | Interview with Kathryn Alevizos and Zanne GaynorDecember 21, 2020 Episode artwork "We’re all part of a powerful patchwork quilt" | Interview with Mary HumphreyDecember 07, 2020 Episode artwork "What binds us together is that human connection" | Interview with Nicky DaviesNovember 23, 2020 Episode artwork "The voice of a brand is so important" | Interview with Jennie EriksenNovember 09, 2020 Episode artwork "Food seems to be the glue that connects the communities" | Interview with Juita Akhtar MokhtarudinOctober 26, 2020 Episode artwork "How cultures are changing and how people are referring to things on social media" | Interview with Andrew MiddletonOctober 12, 2020 Episode artwork "No one wants to be pigeonholed with their identity" | Interview with Janina NeumannSeptember 28, 2020 Episode artwork "I consider myself always having had to be a bit of a chameleon" | Interview with Nadya NicolaSeptember 14, 2020 Episode artwork